Tacos and Tequilas Family Restaurant

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The New Family Favorite.

Located on 13216 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85022, Tacos and Tequilas provide a refreshing take on Mexican Cuisine.

With its new owner Dan Rowan, Tacos and Tequilas has hit the ground running, providing an energetic atmosphere filled with lively music, savory Mexican food, and excellent service.

Being independently owned and family operated, Tacos and Tequilas center themselves around the family-friendly environment, directing itself towards all ages, desiring for everyone to have an experience they love. With a wide selection of adult beverages from margaritas to whiskey and a variety of Mexican dishes for lunch and dinner, Tacos and Tequilas is the perfect place for an enjoyable family meal.

Can’t Decide When?

Check out our Special of the Day! 

What better way to experience a new restaurant than to enjoy their way of preparing the authentic highlights of Mexican cuisine? Every Tuesday through Friday bring the family and friends out for some juicy street tacos, a loaded burrito, or some sizzling fajitas. It’s the best way to hang out and relax while enjoying these delicious classics cooked by our highly-rated chefs.

Our street tacos are just the thing to provide you with that satisfactory flavor of authentic Mexican tacos topped with onions, sour cream, and our house-made pico de gallo. Or you can grab a friend and share a platter of our steaming fajitas, along with a refreshing margarita!

These specials are just one way to experience Tacos and Tequilas, eating the food you love with the people you love.

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